Requirement: All operations, service work, and modifications to UI Enterprise data center/critical facilities shall to be made in accordance with the CM process. Touch points to the process include back up power (generator and fuel systems), mechanical, cooling, electrical systems, building/core network services, building phone systems, and physical security and safety of the facility.

Goal: To review, assess, fully understand, and communicate the risk of proposed changes at Enterprise data center and critical facilities.  

To Start the Process: In order to provide time for this process, the minimum advance notice for changes at UI data centers is one week. However, it could take longer.  All it takes is an email to initiate the CM review process:

For changes affecting the Information Technology Facility (ITF), send an email to the ITF-LT-Status email group.

For changes affecting all other UI Enterprise data centers, including Lindquist Center (LC14), Bowen Science Building (BSB), Chemistry Building (CB) and EMRB 74, send an email to the ITS-EI-Data Center Team.

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May 20, 2020