In the LC-14 and ITF data hall 135, the ITS-EI-Datacenters group is willing to assist with computing system Rack & Stack, problem investigation and parts change-out. As most computing and storage devices are just components of a more complex system, the following steps are meant to establish expectations and hand-offs.

Submit request to: ITS-EI-Datacenters-Team

Submitted request, depending on complexity, should include:

  1. Scope and summary of work:
  2. Work authorized by:
    1. List both email and phone is preferred, at least two contacts for the affected service
  3. Desired turnaround time
  4. Anything needed before work begins?
    1. Technical certification?
    2. Parts delivery?
    3. Other people required for job – UI, vendor, etc?
    4. Is a vendor support agreement in place for this system? On-site, phone support, other?
  5. Document the procedure to follow, including
    1. Steps required before work begins, e.g. email notification, phone notification:
    2. steps to follow for the job – step by step is best here
      1. Location e.g. ITF Data Hall room 135
      2. Cabinet name e.g. BA-55
      3. Equipment id – name, rack position, etc. to uniquely identify
      4. Existing conditions – indicating lights
      5. Change-out or diagnosis steps
      6. Expected resulting conditions – indication lights
    3. Steps required upon work completion, e.g. email notification, phone notification. It is expected that the service owner will check the system at this point to ensure things are working properly.
      1. In particular, follow UI policy on hard drive destruction to protect confidential and sensitive data.
  6. Responsibility for system still working
  7. Other actions required?

Some troubleshooting is iterative in nature, so the full detail of steps required is not known on the initial request. Ideally the steps would be changed to the actual as the work is being completed.
ITS-EI-Datacenters is not taking over responsibility for hardware maintenance, but the group is willing to make staff available to assist with diagnosis and physical change-out.

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April 24, 2020