NOTE:  Office 365 users will have University of Iowa holidays automatically added to their Office 365 calendar.   This can be turned off/on by logging in to the DIY tools ( and selecting Calendar Combiner and check/uncheck Holidays.   NOTE:  these files are no longer available in Public Folders


Healthcare and other non-Iowa Office 365 users will need to add the holidays to their Outlook (Windows) calendar by following these steps:


  1. Save the calendar file - right click on the file (from list below) and choose Save Target As 
  2. Change the name calendar file and remove ".txt" from the end of the file name. 
  3. Click OK to save
  4. Create a new message in your email client and put your name in the To field
  5. Attach the holiday file 
  6. Double-click on the attachment, select Open.
  7. Check the University Holidays box and click OK.

NOTE;  if you do the import more than once, you will get duplicates.   


Plain text iconUI 201509 - 201807.hol_.txt (University Holidays 09/2015 - 07/2018)

Plain text iconUI 201809 - 202207.hol_.txt (University Holidays 09/2018 - 07/2022)

Plain text icon2017-18 Approved Board of Regents Calendar.hol_.txt

Plain text icon2018-19 Approved Board of Regents Calendar.hol_.txt


NOTE:  Mac and OWA users can open the links above and manually enter the dates to their calendar

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April 19, 2018