All ESRI software is Windows only, except for ArcGIS Online, which runs in the cloud.
Mac Users please see the Virtual Desktop section below.

ArcGIS Pro:
All users are required to be licensed. Find licensing information.
If you are licensed and need access to the software, please see a list of labs with GIS or download installation media

ArcGIS for Desktop:
Students can use ArcGIS for Desktop in computer labs with GIS or via Virual Desktop.
Windows only users can access on a personal system for academic/educational use by going to the download site to get the installer and requesting a license by contacting These licenses will expire annually on July 31st.

Virtual Desktop:
Both ArcGIS for Desktop and ArcGIS Pro can be used via Virtual Desktop from their personal machines, Mac or PC. 

Faculty and Staff:
UI-owned systems (your work computer): Work with your departmental IT support staff to get the enterprise tool deployment available for Macs or Windows machines.

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April 11, 2022