The data center proxy service is available in the ITF and LC data centers.

ITS virtual server customers, physical server customers or co-location customers where all of the following are true:

  • The system is on a subnet protected by data center firewalls.
  • There is a desire to restrict access to the Internet based on DNS name space (allowed exceptions list).
  • The destination is using standard HTTP/HTTPS TCP ports (80 and 443).
  • The application is able to be configured to use a web proxy.

Send an email to and your request will be reviewed.

Include the system hostname or IP that will use the proxy and what destination(s) it needs to reach.  Please be as specific and narrowly scoped as possible (e.g. don't ask for "*" if "" will do).

No.  No other protocols are supported by the proxy at this time.  If your application or server needs additional Internet access, consider adding a global scope network with the appropriate firewall controls to your server.

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June 24, 2021