ITS manages the RemoteAdmin service for campus. This service allows campus IT professionals to access servers within the datacenter. IT professionals with a need to datacenter access servers may request access to the RemoteAdmin Service. Access to RemoteAdmin requires an on-campus IP address or use of the VPN.

You may request access to RemoteAdmin via the University of Iowa Workflow system:  

After you receive a confirmation email that you have been granted access, you can get connected to the new RemoteAdmin service by simply make a Remote Desktop connection to

Use any Remote Desktop Client to make a connection to Logon with your approved ID and you should have access to a desktop with the applications installed.

Send an email to the ITS HelpDesk ( with the name and version of the application desired. Please add as much information about the application, including the business need, and you will be contacted by a server administrator to coordinate the installation or to answer additional questions.

RemoteAdmin is restricted to on-campus IP addresses or the use of the UIOWA VPN connection is required to connect from off campus.  You will need the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.  For more information, click here:

The much preferred method is to Logoff your remote session when you are finished with your work. This frees up CPU/RAM for others to use on this shared service. If you simply disconnect (click the X in the window), your open applications will use server resources when it is not needed.

The RemoteAdmin server is rebooted daily at 02:00 to ensure server stability and to conserve server resources (i.e. log out sessions that have been sitting for a long time). There is also a weekly maintenance window when OS and application updates and may be applied every Saturday at 22:00.

For issues with RemoteAdmin, please contact the ITS HelpDesk

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February 10, 2020