Not all files can be synced through the OneDrive sync client.  Currently, the only file type being blocked is a .PST file.  

The ITS e-Communication Team strongly recommends moving these files to Office 365; whether they are on the local hard drive or on a network share. 

If you have a .PST file in your OneDrive sync area that is blocked, you will see a notification that looks like this:


If you are a long-time OneDrive user and have everything synced to your local hard drive before Files On-Demand was put into place, you may experience issues with files that can no longer sync.  There are a couple of ways to fix this issue:

  1. Create a new folder on c:\pstbackup
  2. Copy the files from the location it is not syncing (OneDrive - University of Iowa) to c:\pstbackup
  3. Login to and go to OneDrive.
  4. Create a new folder.
  5. Select Upload and pick the files from c:\pstbackup
  6. Once you are certain the files have been copied to the cloud, delete the copy of the files in OneDrive - University of Iowa that have the red x's on them.

NOTE:  It is recommended that you work with your IT Support person to make sure you have copies of the files before deleting them locally.  

You can also follow these steps to remove the file from Outlook and from OneDrive.



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November 17, 2021