- June 23, 2022 -- ITS will begin to disable Basic Authentication protocols for those users who are using Modern Authentication.  This is our next step in the effort to switch to Modern Authentication in the Office 365 environment by August, 2022.

- June 1, 2022, ITS enabled Modern Authentication for Office 365 to make security improvements to the university email systems.  

This change is not expected to be noticeable to most users. 

Testing showed the following scenarios:

  • Outlook Windows -- After closing and reopening the Outlook app it will automatically change to modern authentication.  
  • Outlook Mac -- No change, the Outlook app is already using modern authentication.
  • Mac Mail  -- No change, the email app will continue to use the authentication method used when it was configured. The apps do not automatically detect Modern Authentication and convert. You may need to delete the account and re-add it depending on how it was first setup. Modern Authentication instructions are available at Configuring Your Email App for Office 365
  • Skype for Business -- No change, the Skype for Business app will continue to use the authentication method used when it was configured.
  • Room Scheduler devices – Devices should be configured to use OAUTH2 for the Authentication Method and the devices continue to work

Some users may be prompted to enter their HawkID password and login with DUO but this isn’t common.

After the switch to modern authentication, ITS will begin to contact those users who are still using Basic Authentication to help transition their client to Modern Authentication if possible.  

For more information on the difference between basic authentication and modern authentication see Authentication Methods for Accessing Your Office 365 Account

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October 12, 2022