Microsoft Teams Apps

Some of the available Apps are provided by Microsoft, however, most Teams Apps are developed by third-party, external vendors (not Microsoft) and may not conform to Office 365 and University of Iowa data storage security, regulatory, and/or compliance controls and policies.

All users should use discretion before adding any App to Teams per the following guidelines:

Important: Healthcare and HIPAA data should not be stored on, or connected to, any unapproved third-party platforms, Apps or Add-ins. (PDF icon see advice here)

Teams App Vendor:

  • Microsoft: Generally safe to use
  • Third-party: Will require Technology Review - see below
  • Custom: Blocked - see below

Considerations for third-party Teams Apps

Data security, Legal Agreements, Compliance:

  • Be aware that Apps require various permissions be granted to them in order to function within Teams and O365.
  • Apps may require permissions, or access, that can be a potential security risk (e.g. access to all user data, access to contacts, key-logging, data transfers to vendor's own systems, etc.). Before installing any App, be sure to read and understand the Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and Permissions required by the App. These conditions are linked-to and outlined in the description for each App.
  • To avoid any potential risk to security and data integrity, all third-party Apps are required to undergo a Technology Review. Information about the Technology Review process is at:


  • Some Apps may require purchase for continued use, or for accessing enhanced features. Apps that require purchase should be reviewed.
  • Some Apps use a freemium model which is common in subscription technology. While useful for quick evaluation, the true cost of that technology can be difficult to determine without additional review.

Technical support, Updates, and Quality:

  • Technical support is provided by the third-party vendors at varying levels which is often related to a purchase. ITS does not provide technical support for third-party Teams Apps.
  • Teams Apps often have information available in the Microsoft Appsource website. Items to consider such as
    • Latest update release date. Apps that are not current, or updated regularly by the vendor, should be avoided.
    • Reputation and rating of the vendor
    • Usage and rating from users
    • Quality of the vendor's documentation and support model


Custom Apps

  • Custom Apps are those that are developed by users for distribution to other users or Teams. Custom Apps are not currently supported.

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January 17, 2023