What is the change?
The legacy single response report is a URL that displays a report for a single survey response. It is formatted like below: 


These URLs are no longer generated by any workflows in the Qualtrics platform. However, there may be some users who have manually created these URLs in email triggers or email tasks by using piped text to add the responseId into the URL. 

Starting December 15, 2023, these URLs will not work for newly created responses.

After January 15, 2024, these URLs will no longer work for any responses, and will instead return an error.


What action do I need to take?
Any email task or email trigger where the user has manually created the legacy response report URL needs to be migrated to use the new single response report solution. There are 2 ways to switch to this new solution:

Create an email task via Workflows and enable the “Include Response Report” option. This will automatically include a response report link in your email.
Use an embedded data field in your email task to pipe in the new single response report URL. The format of the piped text is {srr://SingleResponseReportLink}

Note: This migration must be completed before January 15, 2024. Legacy single response URLs will no longer work after that date.


What if I have questions?
If you have a question about how to start using the new single response report solution, please visit the Email Task support page. Our license agreement includes free technical support from the Qualtrics Support Team, and they are available 24x7. To contact Qualtrics Support, please log into the Customer Success Hub following the instructions here. It’s also always worth checking the XM Community to see if any other users have the same question. If you’d rather speak to a specialist,

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November 20, 2023