Each faculty, staff, and student is allocated 25 GB of storage for Home (H:) drive use.

To determine how much space you are currently using on a Windows computer, go to Computer, right click on the H: drive, and select properties.

To determine how much space you are currently using on a Mac computer, select the home.iowa.uiowa.edu mounted drive in the Finder, then double-click on your home folder name (your HawkID) to display your home folder contents.  

Make sure no files or folders are selected on your home drive and choose Get Info from the Finder File me.

Note: If you select a file or folder on your home drive, you will only see information for that file or folder.  

If you are running out of disk space and are not able to clear any files or folders out of your Home drive, you may request a report of your Home drive to verify what is taking up space.  This report will list the folders and their sizes.  If all of the data on your Home drive is academic or University business (e.g. not personal music, pictures, videos, etc.) then you can request to have your quota increased. 

To make a request to increase Home (H:) drive space, please contact the ITS Help Desk.

While ITS will make every effort to accommodate a user’s request for additional space, if certain criteria are not met the request may not be granted. 

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April 4, 2017