When accessing resources from off-campus, it is important to take security considerations to protect yourself and the University. Some common measures that you should take include:

  1. Install and run updates for your computer
  2. Install and run antivirus software
  3. Install and run anti-spyware software. A significant risk that people can face on their home computer is to have a "key logger" installed. This software can record keystrokes including usernames and passwords
  4. Setup a firewall on your home computer to protect yourself from threats on the Internet
  5. Backup your data regularly in the event of a hardware crash
  6. Setup a strong password (containing letters, numbers and punctuation) on your home computer
  7. Do not store sensitive data on your home computer (i.e. social security numbers, etc.). If you do have sensitive information on your computer, you should use encryption technology to secure the data

For additional security or to access resources only available from the on-campus network, use the UI Anywhere Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

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January 10, 2020