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Have you ever found the need to access your work e-mail, documents, or applications from home or when traveling? If so, this page points out some of the easiest ways to access your work resources when you're off campus.

Remote Desktop - Windows

If your work computer has the Windows operating system, the Windows Remote Desktop function lets you log on to your work computer from most other computers that have a high-speed Internet connection. This allows you to use your work computer as though it were right in front of you to access all of your e-mail, documents, and applications. Remote Desktop is the most comprehensive solution to accessing work resources from another computer (both on and off campus).

Remote Desktop requires some setup on your work computer ahead of time, and you must leave your work computer turned on and connected to the network in order to access it remotely. See the Remote Desktop Support Center for more information and setup instructions.

Other options for accessing work resources from off campus are listed below.

UI Anywhere

UI Anywhere is a Virtual Private Network that provides secure access to resources located on the University of Iowa campus to locations off campus. UI Anywhere may be used anytime a University of Iowa student, faculty, or staff member is working on a computer off campus and would like to access local resources located on the University of Iowa campus. For more information: UI Anywhere service.

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