Email is an important resource for academic and administrative communications. The Mass Mail service allows us to:

  • facilitate delivery of messages to target audiences,

  • provide mail management (filter) mechanisms that allow each recipient to filter unwanted messages, 

  • manage the release of university email addresses (They are not released except under the Iowa Open Records law.),

  • manage the release of the mail messages into the system at a rate that doesn't impact delivery of regular email.

Individuals must have e-mail routing email addresses (i.e., the address where they read mail) registered in the directory to be a part of the mass e-mailing audience. It is your responsibility, whether you are a student or faculty/staff member, to maintain a routing address in the directory so you will not miss important institutional messages.



The Mass Mail service provides guidance to, but cannot eliminate or control mass mail or spam generated by individuals or groups outside the University. For more information about dealing with unsolicited commercial e-mail, see How to Manage Junk Email and Spam.

You can send a complaint to the sender of the e-mail or to if you have further questions.

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September 16, 2021