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 SAS Licensing and Ordering FAQs

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  • Base SAS
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Bridge for ESRI
  • SAS Integration Technologies
  • SAS/AF
  • SAS/OR
  • SAS/QC
  • SAS/SECURE Windows
Type of License
Annual (expires annually, eligible for upgrades during that year)
Single Install License (Single install allowed)
Network (controlled at network level, multiple users at any given time, 2 network licenses = max. 2 users at any given time)
License Renewal Date
Sep 30 2019
How do you obtain the software
Contact your IT support person(s).
High Performance Computing Cluster (Researchers)
SAS Win Workstation Administrative Use 2018-2019
SAS for SAS Teaching and Research Use: No order needed, please contact your IT support group to obtain SAS. Health Care users should contact Shannon Manley, College of Medicine.
Additional information to obtain the software

SAS for SAS Teaching and Research use, please contact your IT support group to obtain SAS. Health Care users should contact Shannon Manley, College of Medicine.

SAS for Administrative user, please place via the Order Form below.

SAS on the High Performance Computing Cluster for Research Use (Argon Cluster)

  • Research Use allows non-commercial research activity - research that is conducted using hardware located on campus and is in support of customer's degree-granting requirement or a faculty members tenure or federally funded in support of academia or in fulfillment of or funded by a university related program or initiative. Enroll in the HPC Service:
  • SAS for Research is also available on the Research Remote Desktop Service, information.

If a person has a campus license, they can install in one personally owed system at no additional costs. 

If you need to access SAS ELearning, please email the ITS Software Office (click this link).

Who Can Use
IT Professionals
How can the software be used
Academic (teaching purposes)
Academic Research (UI funded research)
Administrative (business purposes)
Where can the software be used
UI owned Systems On Campus
UI owned Systems Off Campus
Faculty & Staff Home Use (personally owned system)
Student Lab Use
Student Classroom Use
Agreement Name
Special negotiated license.
Evaluation Date
Aug 12 2019
Risk Category
Additional License Information

The technology you have elected to purchase or obtain may tend to pose barriers to participation for some users, and it is recommended that an Equally Effective Alternate Access Plan ( be completed before deployment of this technology. If you require assistance, you can contact the IT Accessibility Office to schedule a consultation.

Strict export language, please verify that your use of the software will not involve users from any of the embargoed countries.  List of countries:

Software Order Form


Note: If there is a cost associated with your submission, at least the first MFK field must be properly filled in with a valid MFK.

Fund(3) - Organizational Unit(2) - Dept(4) - Sub-Dept(5) - Grant/Prog ID(1) - Grant/Program(7) - Institutional Account(4) - Org Account(3) - Departmental Account(5) - Function(2) - Cost Center(4)

I have reviewed the license restrictions and will abide by these restrictions (Who can use the software?  How can the software be used? Where can the software be used?). 

I have purchased and will install the software for the number of licenses that I have purchased. 

Non-commercial use only.


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