If you don't have access to your Duo Two-Step enrolled device, and only have one device registered, you have three options:

  • use a (previously generated) backup code that you saved
  • enroll a new phone as an alternate and then select it at login 
  • retrieve your device 

If you hadn't previously generated a list of backup codes, you will need to enroll another device (perhaps your office phone, etc.) that you have access to, in order to login to an application that is enabled for Two-Step Login. You can't enroll a shared phone if someone else already enrolled it in Duo.

After enrolling another device, choose the new device from the device drop-down when you're prompted for two-step login verification. 

For faculty and staff, it is recommended to enroll your office phone number as a backup to use in the event that you forget your cell phone. 

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Last updated: 
October 12, 2022