As a new student, staff, or faculty member at the University of Iowa, your university Office 365 email account was automatically created when you accepted employment or were admitted to the university. The following guides will show you how to access and configure this email account across your devices, how to keep your email and identity safe, and the other resources available to you through Office 365.

University email accounts are in the format of This is your email alias and is what you should share for others to contact you.

IMPORTANT: To sign-in to your university email, enter your credentials in the format of when prompted for your HawkID and password. See the below guides for more information on how to configure and sign-in to Office 365 across your different devices.

HawkID sign-in for Office 365

To access your email online through the web:

  1. Log in at Office 365 with your sign-in and password
    HawkID sign-in for Office 365

    Note: If you have forgotten your HawkID or password, visit the HawkID Tools page to locate or reset your account
  2. Complete login using Duo Two-Step Security

  3. If prompted to stay signed in, you can choose yes if you are on a personal computer or no if on a publicly shared device. You can also check Don't show this again to not be prompted for this on this device and web browser in the future

    Prompt from Office 365 asking if you want to stay signed in
  4. Click the Outlook icon to view your email

We recommend using Microsoft Outlook as your application of choice to access your university email.

  1. Download and install Microsoft Office to your laptop or desktop computer
  2. Follow this guide to configure your email to the Outlook desktop application

To keep your email account and other data secure, your password should not be shared with anyone else, including colleagues or parents. You shouldn't write your password down or keep it in easily accessible places where people might find it.

The second part of keeping your identity safe is using Duo Two-Step login, which is required to access many of the services available to you at the university. Two-Step Login helps keep your academic and personal data safe. Requiring login verification from a device only you possess (for example, your mobile phone) prevents hackers from accessing your accounts and pretending they’re you. Sign-up for Duo push notifications with the Duo Mobile app on your personal device to make using Two-Step login even easier.

The last part of keeping your data and identity safe is being aware of phishing. Phishing is a common email scam that tries to trick you into providing passwords or personal information. Learn how to recognize and avoid phishing scams, and how to report any suspected phishing you might receive to ITS.

Although email is a prominent feature of Office 365, there are many other useful applications available through your Office 365 account, such as:

To learn about these features and more, you can visit the Microsoft support site and explore their guides on Office 365, or search for "Office 365" using your free university LinkedIn Learning account.

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February 3, 2022