Book support time with a SQL Server database administrator for any questions or issues you may have regarding SQL Server systems. NOTE: If you aren't an IT professional and are interested in using this service, please work with your local IT support staff to setup a consultation.

  1. Navigate to the SQL DBA Bookings form which you can find here
  2. Select Staff. Select the Staff member that you would like to schedule support time with. If Anyone is selected, Bookings will randomly assign a staff member based off of staff availability.

select staff
  1. Choose the desired Date and Time for the appointment. Appointments can be booked at a minimum of 24 hours in advance, and a maximum of 30 days in advance. Both date and time are required to book an appointment.

date and time
  1. Enter your Name and Email address.

name and email address
  1. List SQL Server systems relevant to your appointment (e.g. ITSNT1234) and reason for the appointment. If you have already identified work the DBA will need to complete, please include that information as well. If you prefer to use another meeting platform other than Microsoft Teams, please include a link to this meeting.

SQL systems affected and work to be done


Please reach out to if you experience any issues with the above form or have additional questions.

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August 26, 2022