This FAQ page will address common questions pertaining to Qualtrics usage, including supported browsers, IRB approved surveys, creating surveys, sharing surveys, and much more.

For additional information and training resources pertaining to Qualtrics, please see Article 2713.

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Qualtrics’s web-based survey interface has been tested on a number of web browsers, and is compatible with IE 7+, Safari 4+, Firefox 3+, and Chrome.  Additional information about supported browsers can be found here.  Information pertaining to IE6 can be found here.
IMPORTANT: It is recommended that account holders test their survey functionality in all browsers prior to inviting survey respondents.  When a survey is Activated, it is may too late to resolve most issues.

Surveys are saved by default even if they have not been "Activated".  The survey will appear in the list of surveys found on the My Surveys tab. 

Yes, you may use Qualtrics for your surveys requiring IRB approval.  Please note that the use of Qualtrics for any survey requiring IRB approval must be approved, and informating regarding its use must be included in the HawkIRB research application (as with any data collection instrument).  Please contact the IRB for additional information regarding the HawkIRB research application.

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Learn how to create your first survey in Qualtrics here.

No, Qualtrics surveys can have only one account holder.  A survey owner may share their survey(s) with others to collaborate on a project by using the Share Project feature.  For further information regarding this feature, please see the Sharing a Project support article on the Qualtrics support site.

Learn how to create a copy of an existing survey here.

Learn how to make backup copies of your surveys in Qualtrics here.

Learn how to import questions as .txt or .QSF files here.

Learn how to export your survey data here.

Learn how to print a copy of your survey here.

Because Qualtrics uses single sign-on authentication (Shibboleth) at the University of Iowa, you will need to close all instances of your browser in order to completely "log out" of the software. 
Please note: We are working with our developers to add a message to the Log Out screen to notify users of this.

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March 7, 2017