Password change tool screen shot
The Information Security and Policy Office encourages faculty, staff, and students to change their HawkID password as a precautionary measure, due to a recent security incident.
Wednesday, January 18, 2017 - 10:56am

The University of Iowa recently notified approximately 250 university faculty, staff, and students that their HawkID and password had been obtained by unauthorized individuals using physical devices that had been secretly attached to university computers in classrooms and computer labs.

Given the scope of credentials that were stolen, the Information Security and Policy Office wanted to inform the broader community of this situation as well. The individuals who installed and operated these devices used a few of the captured accounts to access classroom computers, email, and ICON.

University IT staffs are manually examining computers to look for suspicious devices, and are also developing plans to expand the use of two-factor authentication to additional key applications.

Unless you have already been notified, there currently is no evidence that your HawkID and password were involved in this incident. However, faculty, staff, and students are strongly encouraged to change their password as a precautionary step. The Information Security and Policy Office is notifying users by email of this recommendation.

Additionally, university employees are reminded they need to ensure two-factor authentication (“Two-Step Login with Duo security”) is enabled and properly configured for their HawkID account.

Please contact the Information Technology Services Help Desk at (319) 384-4357 or or your department IT support if you need assistance with these tasks.

If you believe your HawkID account was used inappropriately, please contact the Information Security and Policy Office at (319) 335-6332 or