ITS and RSS symbols
Thursday, May 19, 2016 - 3:15pm

Information Technology Services (ITS) is always looking for new ways to help users get the information they need. During a recent website redesign process, ITS analyzed the various ways users get information from the website. Among that analysis was RSS subscription feeds. Previously, ITS provided a couple different alert RSS feeds that were scoped to specific types of alerts and their severities. ITS decided to simplify them to one so that the majority of users could easily get alert information from ITS regarding the all the services we provide.

Note: If you are new to using RSS feeds as a way to stay up to date with website information, we have provided a general overview of RSS and the feed options that ITS provides. Learn more about ITS RSS.

ITS knew however, that there are users out there who want to filter out the “noise" and only get information about services they care about.

Each service now provides an RSS feed link specific to the service. Just go to the Alerts tab within the service page for the link.

Going a step further, ITS built a tool to allow users to filter the RSS feed even more! Today, ITS is announcing the Alerts Feed Generator, which is a simple generator for users to create customized alert feeds specific to the types, services and/or buildings they want information about.

For example, instead of seeing all issues related to UI Wireless – Eduroam, a user may only want to see alerts from the service when it pertains to the building they work in. With the Alerts Feed Generator, a user can generate a specific feed of just those kinds of alerts.

Try it out today! Go to the Alerts Feed Generator.

Questions regarding this tool can be directed to ITS-WebServices.