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Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 12:24pm

Being a Good Wi-Fi Citizen

What Does it Mean to be a good Wi-Fi Citizen?

  • It may not be obvious at first, but what you do when you’re in your office, classroom, or walking around campus CAN affect Wi-Fi performance for those around you. Setting up your own wireless hotspot or router will create connectivity issues for those around you---cooperation and good etiquette is necessary for everyone to get the connection they need! This is what a good Wi-Fi citizen is all about.

Choose Your Connection Wisely

Wireless Connections

  • Use UI Wireless eduroam. It is the fastest and most secure wireless network available - UI-Guest is a less secure, limited network. It is for visitors without university credentials. eduroam can be used by visitors from other participating institutions.
  • UI DeviceNet is a wireless network to connect gaming, entertainment, and other approved devices to the campus internet. Registration is required.

Wired Connections have benefits

  • Wired connections are always faster than Wi-Fi connections. Using a wired connection frees up space on campus Wi-Fi networks for others who need it. ResNet wired network is available in UI Residence Halls. 

Stop Sending Mixed Signals

Because Wi-Fi networks use a range of radio frequencies that are unregulated and available for public use, many electronic devices and appliances exist which may cause interference and degrade the performance of the Wi-Fi Network.

Personal Wi-Fi routers or hotspots

  • Personal Wi-Fi (wireless) routers (or rogue access points) are not allowed and will be shut down if created.

Wireless printers

  • Wireless printers will not work with any of our networks. Most wireless printers can also be used with a wired connection to your computer. That’s ok. Or, find a printing location on campus.

Unexpected Wi-Fi interferences

  • Wi-Fi signals, including eduroam, can be negatively affected by a surprising number of regular things. Microwave ovens, cordless phones, wireless audio speakers, wireless clocks, projectors, cameras, and gaming console controllers use the same spectrum as the campus Wi-Fi network and can cause the network signal to deteriorate.
Device Impact Range Suggested solution
Microwave Ovens Very Severe Short Keep microwaves away from computers.
Wireless Routers Severe Very Long Use eduroam, refrain from using your own router.
Wireless Cameras & Projectors Severe Very Long Disable wireless, use wired devices/connections.

Apple Time Capsules (Use only for data backup)

Severe Very Long Disable wireless, connect via Ethernet cable.
Wireless Media Players (Apple TV, Roku, Chromecast, etc.) Severe Long Disable device's wireless, connect via cables.
Wireless Printers Severe Medium Disable wireless, connect directly via USB cable.
Wireless Speakers Severe Medium Use wired speakers.
Wireless Gaming Controllers Severe Short Keep devices powered off when not in use. 
Bluetooth Devices Medium Short Keep devices powered off when not in use.
Certain Computer Displays Medium Short Power off monitor when not in use.