Illustration showing a laptop and a phone with Two-Step Login screens
Monday, June 17, 2019 - 3:50pm

Office 365 added to services using Two-Step Login with Duo Security June 25

If you currently use Two-Step Login with Duo Security for campus applications like Employee Self-Service and MAUI, you can add Microsoft Office 365 to the growing list of services using Two-Step Login. Office 365 will be protected by Two-Step Login beginning June 25, 2019 to help prevent phishing and safeguard your email.

Current Two-Step Login users:

If you currently use Two-Step Login to access online services, you need to use Two-Step Login to authenticate to Office 365 beginning June 25, 2019:

  • When you visit, you’ll be prompted to complete Two-Step Login. You may select “Remember me for 30 days.”
  • Office 365 applications currently used on your computer, phone, or tablet (like OneDrive for Business, Outlook, OneNote, etc.) will not prompt for Two-Step Login due to cached credentials. Some of these applications will prompt for Two-Step Login in the future during an event such as a HawkID password change or using a new computer.

Non-Two-Step Login users:

If you are a student or someone who is currently NOT required to use Two-Step Login, you can continue to sign on to Office 365 with your HawkID and password but are strongly encouraged to enroll in Duo. Using Two-Step Login for some online campus services are optional, but some services will be required soon.

Use the Duo Mobile App

The Duo Mobile app is our recommended method for completing Two-Step Login. It has increased security, provides convenient push notifications, and doesn’t cost the UI money each time it’s used. If you currently use phone calls or text to complete your login, please consider switching to the mobile app.