UI mascot Herky holds a mobile phone with Two-Step Login app displayed.
Take it from Herky: Two-Step Login helps keep personal and academic information safe from hackers who try to access MyUI and ICON accounts with stolen HawkIDs and passwords.
Friday, March 23, 2018 - 11:49am

Two-Step Login is an easy and reliable way to keep your personal and academic info safe and private. And if you opt-in to the service by May 4, you’ll automatically get a chance to win a $100 Hawk Shop gift card.

It’s easy to get started:

  1. Download the free Duo Mobile app from your phone or tablet’s app store.
  2. Enroll your device at the Two-Step Login tools site.
  3. Use the tools site to enable Two-Step Login whenever you access MyUI and ICON.

Illustration showing the Two-Step Login process. Enter login info as usual, the complete the process using your mobile device.

Two-Step Login makes it harder for unauthorized users to access your MyUI and ICON accounts using stolen HawkIDs and passwords. It works like this whenever you log in to MyUI or ICON:

  • Step one: You enter your HawkID and password as usual.
  • Step two: You complete the login process using your phone or tablet.

You may already use this process—called two-factor authentication—with social media accounts or other online services. Your personal contact info, grades, and course work deserve the same protection.

Don’t wait—get started now. Find full instructions on the Two-Step Login support site.

All UI students who enable Two-Step Login for both MyUI and ICON no later than May 4 will automatically be entered into a drawing for a Hawk Shop gift cards:

  • First prize: $100 gift card
  • Second prize: $20 gift card

To enter, simply follow the instructions above—download the app, enroll your device, and enable Two-Step Login for MyUI and ICON. We'll select winners from students who opt in during the promotion. (Review full details on drawing eligibility.)