The following is a list of technology software and tool licensing agreements that have been reviewed by our licensing team. If your software or tool is not listed, it likely needs to be reviewed. Software titles or tools found on this list may have some level of risk associated. For a list of software titles or tools we recommend, please visit the Available Software page.

To view the risks, click on the title to see the specific risks.

If you are interested in a tool listed on these pages, please work with your IT support person(s). Your IT support person will help you determine the best tool for your use, work with you to resolve possible risks, and obtain the tool.

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Adobe ETLA Terms
May 5 2023
Adobe Sales Order, General Terms, PSLT – Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud
Aug 30 2023
Apple Inc
AppleCare Technical Support Terms and Conditions Tech Support English
May 12 2022
Autodesk Inc.
Terms of Use, Terms of Use Education Users
CrystalMaker Software Limited
Software Licence Agreement, Conditions of Use
Jul 11 2022
DbVis Software AB
End User License Agreement for DbVisualizer
Apr 4 2022
DocuSign Inc.
Clarivate Analytics
Clarivate Analytic Terms, End User License Agreement, Terms of Business, Product Terms
Various agreements and terms for campus use.
Jun 15 2023
Fetch Softworks
Claris International Inc.
FileMaker Pro Software License, Volume License Agreement WWE VLA 041916, FileMaker Pro Advanced Software License, Filemaker Maintenance Terms 071114,FileMaker Server Software License, Special negotiated: Software License Amendment
Jun 10 2022
Flo Recruit Inc
Special negotiated terms, Student Data Protection Agreement
Feb 10 2022
GraphPad Software Inc.
GraphPad Prism License Agreement
NV5 Geospatial Solutions, Inc.
Special negotiated license for campus use.
Jul 15 2023
JAMF Software, LLC
May 23 2022
DNA Star, Inc.
Lasergene Software Internal Research Site and Internal Research Purposes License Agreement 2013 02, Amendment #1 & 2 to Software License Agreement
Special negotiated agreement.
Dec 1 2022
L-Soft international, Inc.
Special negotiated license for campus wide use.
Mar 9 2022