Top 5 Tech Tips for Students: 

The Help Desk is a busy place during the start of the semester. Avoid the lines and make sure you follow these top tips:

1. Know your HawkID password and keep it safe

A HawkID is necessary to register for classes, view tuition, log in to email, and access most online university services. Your HawkID and password provide access to your grades, finances, and other personal information, so you should never share your password.

If you have forgotten your HawkID and/or password or would like to change your password, visit the HawkID Tools page. 

2. Access your UI email account (Office 365)

How to access your email

3. Install free or discounted software

As a registered student, you have access to a large volume of software. Browse and download available software.

Some of the most popular titles include: 

  • Microsoft Office--You can install Microsoft Office on up to five personal machines for free. To learn more about this service and how to install it, visit our Microsoft Office support page.
  • OneDrive for Business (file storage)--Don't wait for a virus or hard drive failure to wipe out that 20-page paper. Back up important documents with OneDrive for Business, a cloud storage solution that offers plenty of storage space for all of your important documents. 

4. Connect to campus internet

Note: When connecting, always enter your username in the form of (

5. Update your computer (or buy a new one with discounts)

We'll do our best to support any computer you bring to campus. If you will be purchasing a new computer, take advantage of discounted education rates.

Explore our suggested computer configurations for new and previously purchased computers to see how they compare to our recommended requirements.  

If you already have a computer for school, make sure it is up to date by following these easy steps to update your operating system.

Want More Tech Tips?

6. Printing and computer labs

Called Instructional Technology Centers (ITCs), these groups of computers and printers are located all over campus. View map locations to all ITCs on campus. 

Prices for printing on campus have been reduced! Read about the new print prices and sustainability efforts on campus

7. ICON courses not showing up?

Iowa Courses Online (ICON) is an online collection of your courses that allows you to access course content, take quizzes, interact with your peers, view your grades, and much more. 

Are you missing a course in your ICON dashboard? Here are some reasons why your course might not be showing up.

8. Phishing: Stay safe!

Phishing is a scam using emails and websites to trick people into giving out personal information like credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, or social security numbers. Learn how to recognize and avoid phishing scams

9. Boost your skills with video tutorials

All UI students have unlimited, free access to, an online training library with thousands of video tutorials on topics like web and mobile app design, Adobe Creative Suite, photography, resume building, and more! Log in with your HawkID and password to browse the library of videos.

10. Stay in the know

Don't be shy. Follow us on social media to get updates about tech services, training opportunities and resources, IT security reminders, and technology tips for success during your college career!