Instructional Technology Centers (ITC)

Instructional Technology Centers, also known as campus computer labs, are located across campus and in some residence halls. These computer labs provide access to unique software titles licensed for campus use. Find a printer close to you by using this printer directory

Printing in Computer Labs

There is a charge for printing. Review the costs and common questions about billing

Print Release Stations

A print release station is a dedicated computer next to a printer used to release print jobs to the printer. These stations are commonly found in the ITC computer labs across campus. Find instructions for how to use a print release station.  

Web Print

Web print is a service where you can print from a personal laptop or mobile device to a printer located in an ITC. Send a job to print from your device and stop by an ITC and use the print release station to print. Read up on instructions for how to use Web Print. 

Personal Printers 

If you live in student housing on campus, you do not need to own a printer. The costs for toner and ink cartridges can be excessive and printing on campus may be less expensive. Personal printers with wireless capability are not able to connect to eduroam due to security requirements. Printing in ITC locations is recommended. 

Reduce Printing 

Consider how you can reduce printing and encourage others to think before they print. The printer, toner, paper, and maintenance costs are expensive. Sharing documents through OneDrive, SharePoint, and email are options to consider to reduce printing. 

Restrict Documents from Printing

Another method to discourage printing is to restrict download or printing of shared documents in OneDrive. Find instructions for how to restrict downloading and printing in OneDrive