The University of Iowa uses Microsoft Office 365 as our email platform. It includes the ability to access your email via a web browser and/or a full-featured Outlook software application.  

Your Email Address  

University email accounts are typically in the format of This is called an email alias and is what you should share with others to contact you.  

However, when signing-in to your university email (and many other services), enter your credentials in the format of when prompted for your HawkID and password.  You are required to use your university email address when conducting university business, and your professors will not respond to your personal (Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, etc.) address.  

Access Your Email  

There are a few ways to access your email:   

  1. Web browser: Email can be accessed online via The web-based version does not provide the same functionality as the full application, but it does allow basic functions such as the ability to read, create, and reply to email. Find detailed instructions on how to log in and access your email through a web browser.    
  2. Desktop applications: We recommend using Outlook as your desktop email app since it is the most secure option. Find instructions on how to set up Outlook on your Windows or Mac machines.
  3. Mobile email applications: Outlook is again the preferred application. Find instructions for downloading and installing Outlook on your mobile phone.   

Email Safety and Best Practices  

Remember to always keep your password safe. Phishing is a common email scam that tries to trick you into providing passwords or personal information. Our security team works hard to filter out the bad messages, but some get through. Learn how to recognize and avoid phishing scams, and how to report any suspected phishing you might receive to ITS.    

Email Creation  

Email accounts are automatically created when you are admitted. Follow this guide if you need to make a change to your name or email address.  


Like email, we recommend using Outlook for your university calendar.   

Here are some resources you may find useful: