We use a login ID called a HawkID to access most of our online systems (like email, HRIS, MyUI, etc.). 

If you forgot your HawkID and/or password or you would like to change your password, visit the HawkID Tools page. Follow these instructions if you need to change your password from off-campus. You can always verify your account credentials are correct if in doubt. 

You'll be required to reset your password every year, and we'll start sending you email notifications two weeks before expiration.

Follow these instructions to request a change to your HawkID.

Your HawkID also has the added security of Two-Step login with Duo. Two-Step login protects you and your data by requiring you to finish logging onto online services by using your registered device.

Already enrolled in Two-Step and receiving phone calls or text messages to complete your logins? Switch to the Duo app! It is easier, faster, and more secure. Plus, it saves the university money. The university pays fees when Two-Step Login users choose phone or text authentication methods (which also can cost users depending on their phone or data plans) instead of push notifications through the Duo Mobile app.

If you aren’t enrolled in Two-Step login, check out the Set up and Manage Two-Step Login page, which has more information about Duo, including a handy video on how to get started and start enrolling your devices.

Remember, keep your password safe and never share it with anyone. Don’t write your password down or keep it in easily accessible places where people might find it.