Departmental Printing  

All departments on campus have several printers or multi-function printers available for printing. Printers on campus are labeled with the printer name. Follow instructions for how to connect to printers in your area in this printing support article, or your local IT support staff can help you connect to a printer.  More information about printing can be found on the ITS support site on the departmental printing info center.

Print Release Stations  

Many areas on campus have a print release station - a dedicated computer next to a printer used to release print jobs to the printer. These stations are commonly found in the ITC computer labs across campus, but departments also use them to provide a more secure method for printing. Find instructions for how to use a print release station on the ITS support site.  

If you would like to add a print release station in your area, contact your local IT support staff.  

Reduce Printing  

Consider how you can reduce printing in your area and encourage others to think before they print. The printer, toner, paper, and maintenance costs are expensive. Sharing documents through OneDrive, SharePoint, and email are options to consider to reduce printing.  

To help reduce printing there are options to charge for printing, create reports, and audit printing in your area. Find more information on these options can be found on the printing services and solutions support article.

Restrict Documents from Printing 

Another method to discourage printing is to restrict download or printing of shared documents in OneDrive. Instructions for how to do that are in this support article for OneDrive.

Web Print 

Web print is a service where you can print from a personal computer to a printer located in an ITC. Instructions for Web Print are available in this support article for how to print from your own computer.

Printing from Off-Campus  

If you are working off-campus and would like to print to an on-campus printer, follow these instructions:  

  1. Connect to the VPN by downloading and configuring Cisco AnyConnect
  2. If you have the printer installed on your computer, you can print to it and either have someone else pick it up for you or pick it up the next time you are on campus.  
  3. You can also connect to a printer by following these printing instructions